The school is big and has lot of classes. It has 6A,6B,7A,7B,8A,8B,9A.9B,10A, and 10B (Grade 6 A Grade 6 B Grade 7 A Grade 7 B Grade 8 A Grade 8 B Grade 9 A Grade 9 B Grade 10 A Grade 10 B respectivley. The classes and the order they start in is shown in the Timetable in the pause menu. The classes are also shown on the map. If the player is late the teacher will mention it, while if they player skips it completely, they might find themselves wanted for truancy and possibly sent to the principal's office.


    In the school,  many things you would usually have to pay for can be taken for free, if you know where to go. Here are rooms that are diffrent from other rooms. 

    Cafeteria is used for a class,  Cookery,  as well as Lunch. However, Lunch is not free. Entering the Cafeteria at Lunch costs $5. 

The gymnasium (gym) it takes more chance of increasing agility. It takes place where the sports class is similar to the yard

The bathroom (toilet) is a room found in the reception. It is mostly for urinating and defecicating. It has tissues and toilets and an animated shower that can increase sanity.

The Yard is another sports class. It has a basketball ring and a gate. The gate closes at 9:00 and disappears at 16:00. Make sure you got to school before 9:00 mentioned at the game.

The IT suite or computer lab is a room with computers and a blackboard. The IT suite has almost no uses but for hacking school files.

The Library is a room for books. It has four tables and a lot of books.

The Hospital is a room for curing. It has beds and strechers. There are more doctors here than usual. There are also food inside as well as crutches.